Hello, and thanks for visiting. I hope that your holidays were lovely & meaningful, joyous & peaceful. While that is generally our wish for others, it is sometimes difficult to achieve that for ourselves, especially if our families of origin contain psychopathology. Even if we manage to maintain distance during the year, it may be hard to back out of family gatherings around the holidays, and these gatherings may serve to place us (un)securely back in the realm of a family that makes us feel unsafe, uncertain, fearful & regressed. If that is the case for you, this would be a good time to re-engage with therapy to put these feelings into perspective and regain a sense of wholeness & well-being. May you have a safe & wonderful New Year. (WP provides individual and group therapy for women & couples in Topsfield, MA and surrounding areas--Danvers, Beverly, Peabody, Middleton, Newbury, Newburyport).